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‘Experience Design,’ or UX/UI, is design based on a strategy that focuses on the emotional connection between a brand’s offering and the people that use it.

About Ledesign

I am a Creative Lead with more than 13 years of progressive experience in UX design and implementing web/interactive solutions.

What I do?

apply innovative ideas to create beautiful design layouts

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“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

-- Joe Sparano --

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I love to learn and grow, as a person and a designer, and I'm always looking for new technologies to figure out, and new skills to acquire.


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Tim Le/Founder

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I don't let myself get pigeon-holed into a certain "style" of website, or a certain industry. I try to keep things fresh and different all the time. Its all about the client's goals and their users! User-centric design is not just a buzzword.

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  • Tim's been a reliable go-to team member for us, helping anchor interactive design engagements for our clients across the country. With an engaged style of collaboration, Tim helps build a synergy of application's user experience into often technology-heavy projects that help the final deliverable come out very user friendly and human. What I appreciate most is his willingness to help across the team as well as throughout functions of business and development helps keep teams aligned.

    Lang Richardson, Executive Creative Director, Innovation | Mindtree
  • In the time spent working closely with Tim during the past 3 years, I have appreciated his great availability and dedication to understand the product owner's needs and come up with relevant mockups or suggest alternate mockups to choose from. I increased my UX knowledge along the way thanks to his usability expertise so I can thank Tim for that. Looking forward to having other opportunities to work with Tim on other projects/products.

    Daniel Chetrit, Experienced Technical Product Owner, Agile/DevOps | SITA
  • Tim is one of the most prolific and creative designers that I have worked with in my career. His keen knowledge of the latest technology coupled with his ability to turn things around quickly made him a winner on my team

    John Pace, Sr. Director of Online Marketing | RealNetworks
  • Tim is not only an expert web designer but also a very hard worker. His ability to turn creatives around quickly has always served as an asset here at Real. Tim brings great knowledge, experience and taste to online design and site development. I can't recommend Tim highly enough.

    Prashanti Tata, Online Marketing Manager | RealNetworks


+1 (510) 610-5151

Gainesville, FL -USA

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I'd really love to hear from you so why not drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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